Friday, October 29, 2010

Vizio Flatscreen

My LORD, my father and mother promised me that for my 21st birthday they would get me one of those fancy Vizio LCD HD/TV things. I said i'd be fine with a 32 inch, but then my father said "OH, nonsense, that's too small! Lets get a 42 inch!"

Next you will ask, "Hey, Silly Hats, why should I care about this?" And my answer will be "You shouldn't care, I'm just a bit anxious since my birthday was in August."

Man, once i get this flatscreen TV and put it in my room, I won't be leaving too often.... I will have everything I could ever want in my bedroom (other than food, but I can arrange for that quite easily).

In short, I will be blogging much when I get this Vizio 42 Inch. Do any of you know about Vizio and if they are a good brand? Thanx ahead for the info.