Saturday, October 30, 2010

USC vs #1 Oregon

Well, my friends, It's that time of the year again... the time of the year that I leve my glorious bedroom to view my USC Trojans play live. Last year, I saw USC play Oregon St. which was fucking awesome, I might add.

After last years game, my dad tripped over a bike rack and broke like 3 ribs and punctured his shin very deeply. A nice black woman and some rowdy black boy (probably her son) helped my father, who was obviously in copious amounts of pain out.  Later, we (my dad) walked around, in a daze, looking for our car.  We parked it in someone's backyard, you see? We were too cheap to pay the fucking 50 bucks for stadium parking....  Walking around in the ghetto near midnight... as upstanding white citizens... pretty thriling.... Some 6 year old black kid, i fucking swear, was talking about fucking some girl in the shower, then his friend said "SHIT YEAAAAH NIGGGA" and continued their way to a sad, ghetto life. Long story short, we eventually found our car, and went to the hospital to tend to his wounds.

WELL that was quite the segway. Who do you guys think will win tonight? I GOT MY TROJANS BY 3!!


  1. I hope you or your Dad don't get injured this year!

    I don't watch football but I hope you enjoy the live game!

  2. I hope you and your dad get injured this year. -_-
    I do not Football, but I hope the game enjoys you.

  3. Thanx Mr. Awesome.. IS IT OKAY FOR ME TO CALL YOU THAT?