Sunday, October 31, 2010


Oh how i love halloween, I usually dress up and go out with friends regardless of not being a physical child anymore...

Anyway, My friend who by the alias of Chalksticks and Flat Katz ( and I were planning to be super fabulous and dress up as Joseph Joestar and Bruno Bucciarati from the popular ongoing manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure... But me, being the lazy bastard that I am, could not finish my costume in time... ;_; I started too late I guess.

So instead of being completely fabulous, I am now spending the night in my room (like i usually do) as my fucking doorbell rings and dogs bark relentlessly... I guess it can't be helped though, if i finished my costume, I'd blogging to you about how I'm having an awesome fucking evening! And with that, I bid thee adieu.. HAVE A GREAT HALLOWEEN, MY FRIENDS!! Oh yeah, have some Fabulous Bruno and Joseph...


  1. Ah!!! How upsetting. When I saw that scarf you brought the other day, I was just imagining how FABULOUS you'd look. I think I may begin to muse about you in your outfit from now on. Gomenasai >.<'

  2. I'm still finishing my outfit... I gotta look good for Anime Expo!!! Also, I plan to wear it around town occasionally.

  3. I sit in the dark to trick the kids and parents into thinking no one is home.

    Shame that you couldn't finish your costume in time for Halloween though.

  4. Ya oh well. I would say that I would upload pics once I finish it, but I probably wont.

  5. >Joseph Joestar and Bruno Bucciarati

    That'd be a fucking amazing Halloween costume.

    >Shame that you couldn't finish your costume in time for Halloween though.

  6. Yeah man, don't worry though, we WILL prance all over town, all fabulous like. Anime Expo in July is going to be amazing, i hope i can track down some other JoJo Cosplayers.

  7. I want to see your fabulous costume!
    You'd better finish it!