Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rest in Peace, Mr. Anderson.

Today, I was deeply saddened to learn about the death of Sparky Anderson. This man not only changed the face of baseball, but he was a good samaritan. He dedicated a lot of time to the youth in the area that I live in, teaching them about baseball, life, and many other things. He was a saint and should not be forgotten.  I know i wont forget about him...

Rest in Peace, my friend.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Figure Pics.

Hey guys, I have some pretty sweet figures, would you be interested in me taking pictures of them in various positions?

Some of them include Revoltech Gurren Lagann, Figutto Reimu, and Revoltech Fraulein: Idol Master: Futami Ami. I wish to acquire a Figma in the near future... I just dont know which one i want.

Bitches and whores, man .

Some bitch told me and my BROS to "PLEASE BE QUIET" today. I don't know how to control myself, being the misogynist that i am. The fact that we are in a library holds no importance, it is besides the point.

I responded with "Alright" and turned on my music. I think that I did the right thing.

Credit Cards

My dear pal Ken-sama ( has brought my attention to something of major importance. Custom made credit cards. Right now, I have a shitty, bland, Citi Bank Diamond Preferred Master Card that looks like this (obviously not my EXACT one....):

I want something more exciting! Also, is Master card the way to go? What about Visa? American Express? I'm sure that there are many others.... but anyway. I WANT SOMETHING PRETTY! I respect Ken-sama's efforts to acquire a beautiful touhou credit card... but I wouldn't be as cheap of an individual to rip off his originality. I think I'd go with something like this on my credit card:

Anyway, what are your guy's thoughts of credit cards? I personally don't like using them... but they are kind of necessary in this wild world of life that we call LIFE.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So I pretty much love Bleach again.

I dont know what is running through Kubo's mind, but its like he is purposely trying to make Bleach into a Slice of Life, and I am totally okay with this. Also, he is trying to be fashionable again too, I appreciate that.

Weird angles, lose tie, unbuttoned shirt, hipster hat... I'm okay with this


>implying every Bleach character doesn't look like Ichigo.

10/10 Kubo

Monday, November 1, 2010

SOoooo...... Im starting a band

Shit, this is attempt three or four... mostly everyone else I've jammed with has been a faggot (not literally)... The last group parted ways with me because i was TOO motivated. Shit makes no sense. Anyway, I have found dedicated individuals, yet again. I hope that we can be as awesome as Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad.

I fucking loved this show to death.... if you haven't seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it.

I really find Koyuki Tanaka to be a great role model, even though he isn't of this realm... ;_;

Anywho, guys. Do any of you play any instruments?

I'm a Mac User

Deal with it, everyone. I hold nothing against windows, I just prefer macintosh.  Not only do I not have to worry about viruses, but I also do not have to worry about spyware, credit card fraud, identity theft, or anything like that. Having a mac is better than buying insurance. Anyway, here, have beautiful pictures of mac products. 

Can't be Topped. Golden macintosh... the breakfast (and lunch and dinner) of champions. 



I like turntables. A wise man once said to me, "I like music too." You should check out his profile: His name is Three Dog, like in that Fallout game....

Who'd Win in a Battle?

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I just remembered about this game... I haven't played it in a few weeks lol. What are y'all's stats?  If you have no fucking clue what I'm talking about, here



Oh how i love halloween, I usually dress up and go out with friends regardless of not being a physical child anymore...

Anyway, My friend who by the alias of Chalksticks and Flat Katz ( and I were planning to be super fabulous and dress up as Joseph Joestar and Bruno Bucciarati from the popular ongoing manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure... But me, being the lazy bastard that I am, could not finish my costume in time... ;_; I started too late I guess.

So instead of being completely fabulous, I am now spending the night in my room (like i usually do) as my fucking doorbell rings and dogs bark relentlessly... I guess it can't be helped though, if i finished my costume, I'd blogging to you about how I'm having an awesome fucking evening! And with that, I bid thee adieu.. HAVE A GREAT HALLOWEEN, MY FRIENDS!! Oh yeah, have some Fabulous Bruno and Joseph...

A Shitty Feeling

One thing I'm having a problem dealing with is the lack of enthusiasm that my peers, family, or anyone show in my interests. Now, nearly all of my friends have similar hobbies to me, but that isn't the problem.  Other than a few certain things, like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, or whatever, I cannot very easily talk to my friends about any of my interests or ambitions. Its even worse with my family.

Sometimes, on the off chance that one of my friends actually listens to an album i recommend, or reads something i recommend, they shortly dismiss it as shit and go back to their very close minded generic shit that they listen to or read. I ask you, am I that much superior to my peers, or do I am I the one who has to change? I really do not like shutting myself away. I like talking about the things I like. Its very, very frustrating when no one seems to care. I hate keeping it to myself. What would you guys suggest I do to help this troubling circumstance?  Also, have some pictures of Reimu.
This one is especially, I think. 

I love the strong look of determination in her eyes. 

Glasses are a great look on her. Don't you think?

Well, since I cannot top Megane-Reimu, I'll stop right here.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

USC vs #1 Oregon

Well, my friends, It's that time of the year again... the time of the year that I leve my glorious bedroom to view my USC Trojans play live. Last year, I saw USC play Oregon St. which was fucking awesome, I might add.

After last years game, my dad tripped over a bike rack and broke like 3 ribs and punctured his shin very deeply. A nice black woman and some rowdy black boy (probably her son) helped my father, who was obviously in copious amounts of pain out.  Later, we (my dad) walked around, in a daze, looking for our car.  We parked it in someone's backyard, you see? We were too cheap to pay the fucking 50 bucks for stadium parking....  Walking around in the ghetto near midnight... as upstanding white citizens... pretty thriling.... Some 6 year old black kid, i fucking swear, was talking about fucking some girl in the shower, then his friend said "SHIT YEAAAAH NIGGGA" and continued their way to a sad, ghetto life. Long story short, we eventually found our car, and went to the hospital to tend to his wounds.

WELL that was quite the segway. Who do you guys think will win tonight? I GOT MY TROJANS BY 3!!

Reimu Hakurei - Sexiest Touhou of All. Followed by Sakuya.

My god, her ribbon arouses me every single time.

Lets Watch Jackie CHAN


TRY AND TELL ME THIS MOTHERFUCKER ISN'T BADASS. I DARE YOU. I would also like for you to say this to his face. I'm pretty damn sure that would be your last choice before eating your own shit for all of eternity. Anyway, for anyone who has no idea who this is, go read JoJo's Bizarre Adventure NOW.  Hmm...  this really should be posted in my anime blog.. oh well.

Tasty Excrement

Almond Butter + Roasted Flaxseed on top of brown rice cakes almost makes me wish i chose to be vegan.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Vizio Flatscreen

My LORD, my father and mother promised me that for my 21st birthday they would get me one of those fancy Vizio LCD HD/TV things. I said i'd be fine with a 32 inch, but then my father said "OH, nonsense, that's too small! Lets get a 42 inch!"

Next you will ask, "Hey, Silly Hats, why should I care about this?" And my answer will be "You shouldn't care, I'm just a bit anxious since my birthday was in August."

Man, once i get this flatscreen TV and put it in my room, I won't be leaving too often.... I will have everything I could ever want in my bedroom (other than food, but I can arrange for that quite easily).

In short, I will be blogging much when I get this Vizio 42 Inch. Do any of you know about Vizio and if they are a good brand? Thanx ahead for the info.

How Does One Cure a Headache?

Do Numbers Exist?

Well? Do they? I'd argue that numbers are simply concepts that we, humans, apply to the many objects we see every day.  Think of it this way. You are in a room, and there are five people. Each of these five people have five cell phones.  Is five people the same as five cell phones? Is five an actual object? I do not believe that it is.

On a similar note, do ideas actually exist?

Philosophical Colloquialisms

You guys must be thinking: "HEY, WHY IS THIS GUY POSTING A BLOG SO EARLY IN THE MORNING?" Well, DEAL WITH IT.  If you had an 8:30 class you'd make blog posts too.

So, the topic of the day is PHILOSOPHY. Have you heard of it? I find it fascinating. For such a broad topic, ITS SO SPECIFIC. You know, I was going to rant more about this, but my teacher sat next to me and i lost all inspiration. Goodbye.

Thoughts at 3 AM

WELL, my eyelids are pretty much too heavy to keep open, but somehow I manage to look onward into the night. It must be my superior genetics... but anyway, why do I stay up this late? Does anyone really know why they do what they do?  I'd argue that they do not.  But you know what? Who cares? I don't... so  I will just continue on into the morning with blood shot eyes.

I think that the second that we second guess our instincts is the second that we fail whatever it is that we are trying to accomplish. That one second pause to decide whether or not you should pull the trigger could mean life or death, man. I say just do it. And with that, good night.