Friday, October 29, 2010

Thoughts at 3 AM

WELL, my eyelids are pretty much too heavy to keep open, but somehow I manage to look onward into the night. It must be my superior genetics... but anyway, why do I stay up this late? Does anyone really know why they do what they do?  I'd argue that they do not.  But you know what? Who cares? I don't... so  I will just continue on into the morning with blood shot eyes.

I think that the second that we second guess our instincts is the second that we fail whatever it is that we are trying to accomplish. That one second pause to decide whether or not you should pull the trigger could mean life or death, man. I say just do it. And with that, good night.


  1. Yeah, don't second guess your instincts.
    "Hey gang, let's go against something that feels totally right and probably is. Hee hee."