Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Credit Cards

My dear pal Ken-sama ( has brought my attention to something of major importance. Custom made credit cards. Right now, I have a shitty, bland, Citi Bank Diamond Preferred Master Card that looks like this (obviously not my EXACT one....):

I want something more exciting! Also, is Master card the way to go? What about Visa? American Express? I'm sure that there are many others.... but anyway. I WANT SOMETHING PRETTY! I respect Ken-sama's efforts to acquire a beautiful touhou credit card... but I wouldn't be as cheap of an individual to rip off his originality. I think I'd go with something like this on my credit card:

Anyway, what are your guy's thoughts of credit cards? I personally don't like using them... but they are kind of necessary in this wild world of life that we call LIFE.


  1. I see you have honored Ken-Sama. Many thanks as I Ken-Sama have both negative and positive about credit cards.

    When reaching into the basket do not grab everything at once. If you grab everything at once you end up with nothing. When one grabs nothing one starts to get deeper and deeper into nothing and the swallowed by the demon.

    Ken-Sama means please honor me by taking credit cards at one step at at time.


  2. :O everything is alright in moderation... i see, thank you, Ken-Sama

  3. I only have debit card, not credit card, so I can't borrow any money...
    You must get a card with autism printed all over it, that is the way to reach a god-like state.

  4. That looks nicer than my credit card, but I have Navy Federal, so the card itself is still better than yours. :D

  5. I don't have a credit card. I'll probably be in debt if I had one.

  6. I have a plain credit card which barely gets used. I'm sure I would use it more often if I actually went outside.