Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Figure Pics.

Hey guys, I have some pretty sweet figures, would you be interested in me taking pictures of them in various positions?

Some of them include Revoltech Gurren Lagann, Figutto Reimu, and Revoltech Fraulein: Idol Master: Futami Ami. I wish to acquire a Figma in the near future... I just dont know which one i want.


  1. I'll be taking some pictures pretty soon then! I plan to get some jojo figures soon too.

    I very much want this one.

  2. Yes, take pictures!

    Once you go buy a Figma, I doubt you'll want to go back to Revoltech.

  3. Please provide some. I want to see the super kawaii Figmas.

  4. I'd like to see some pictures of Reimu and Futami Ami. You should at least do Raymoo! Don't neglect your waifu!